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The easiest passive income you can earn is through Honeygain. Just install it and earn!

Honeygain is a simple app that will give you passive income just for letting them borrow your unused date. You earn money in exchange for your data usage. When’s the last time you ran out of data? That extra data could be earning you money back.

If you haven’t noticed, I shifted my focus a bit to focus on my “passive income”. The idea is to constantly generate income while you change nothing about your life. This isn’t a ‘get rich quick scheme’ or anything of the sorts. This is to earn roughly a $1/day for the rest of your life. If you think about it, $365 a year could mean getting your child that new gaming system for Christmas or not. This is something I wish I would have focused on earlier after missing a decade. If I started this in my 20’s, at $1/day, I would have made $3,650. Now that’s a figure I can get behind.

So how do you use Honeygain?

You make an account, you install the app, you profit. It’s that easy. The more devices you have the app installed on, the more income you will generate. This is seriously the easiest way to earn passive income I’ve ever imagined and the profit margin is worth blogging about.

What does Honeygain do?

For an over-simplified explanation; Honeygain uses your data to help deliver content from major websites. The way Honeygain encrypts and delivers content will never bring anything harmful to your device or put your personal information at risk. They do offer a more detailed FAQ on their website if you’re one to dig into details.

So it uses my data?

Basically. This will be most beneficial to people with unlimited data plans but Honeygain offers insight into how much data each device is using and gives you the ability to stop it at any point. If you’re nearing your data cap, you simply turn if off. Their mobile apps even give you the ability to limit your cellular data.

Wait, there’s a mobile app?

Yes! That’s what I’m saying. I now have Honeygain installed on my phone, laptop, and desktop; which is always on. Honeygain also gives bonuses for how long their content can be delivered from your device. In this case my desktop is the number one contender by far. So while it did use 9GB of data in 5 days, the data use has slowed down but I’m still earning points for keeping my desktop computer connected to their service.

That doesn’t mean my phone isn’t earning. Luckily the mobile app includes the ability to limit your mobile data usage, only work on Wifi, and only work if it’s charging. The battery drain while giving off Wifi data seems pretty low for an app that’s looking to stream data. I’d estimate between 3%-6%.

I mean, that’s really it.

Install the app. Start making money. At first it won’t seem like a lot, but it’s money you didn’t have. If you have a computer always connected to the internet, you’re missing out on money. If you have an unlimited date plan, you’re missing out on a lot of money (just be careful of faux unlimited plans like Verizon who throttles your data after a certain amount).

So what are you waiting for? Join Honeygain. Come back in months and collect your dough.

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