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#SixSeasonsAndAMovie: Why It Has To Happen.

The phrase “Seasons Seasons & A Movie” was spurted out by Community’s character Abed during season 2 while he was told that The Cape might be cancelled soon but it has since turned into something more greater than that. First it was a good sense of stability for the people that have fell in love with the modern day meta sitcom. Then it became a reason to promote the show, holding on to a dream. Now that NBC has walked on such a great show, it’s becoming a giant middle finger to network television everywhere.
NBC has given us some great comedies in the past and during Community’s on screen appearance had the best comedy block around with Parks & Recreation, The Office, 30 Rock, and many more. While NBC put all of their efforts into promoting the 3 previously mentioned shows they really screwed around with Community basically setting it up to fail.
First they spent all their money getting people to tune into the finales of 30 Rock, then The Office, then they started plugging new shows such as Whitney, 1600 Penn, and Go On. While they were pouring money and prime time viewing slots into these shows they started ripping them from the network almost as fast as they could grow a fan base. I myself am still upset about Whitney; the best relationship situational humor program since Married With Children.
All the while of destroying their near-perfect Thursday night line-up, they kicked Community aside giving it little to no commercials, promos, or anything of the sort. Leaving the show to promote itself via word of mouth, the cast, and especially Twitter. Community’s Twitter profile having 3/4’s of what @TheOfficeNBC has should be a clear sign that this fandom isn’t made up, and they the show’s ratings could have easily been raised with a proper time slot instead of getting kicked to 6:30ET or early Wednesday (when NBC had nothing else on). This isn’t even mentioning when the network kicked Dan Harmon off his own show for the 4th season.
Today NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt made a public announcement saying that continuing the show made no sense with it’s average 3million ratings (down from the first season’s 5million) even though it peaked above Parks & Rec during the finale; which was renewed. Keep in mind that this is while NBC did nothing to promote the show and left it in the hands of the fans and cast via Twitter to pitch in and tell their friends. Get this NBC. A lot of couch potatoes such as myself don’t have any friends! But you have listeners. You could have plugged the show just once and maybe let if pay for itself.
At last, this is why Community needs to finish it’s own designed run. The pledge #SixSeasonsAndAMovie means more now that it ever has before. With Yahoo Screen debuting the return as well as it’s own services, it’s time to finally stand up against network television channels and let them know that they can’t bully us around. Say “no more” to falling in love with a show and having it ripped away from you but joining the movement. Watch it on Yahoo, don’t pirate it. Give it all the ratings you can and the support it needs. Show NBC that they’re just a bunch of stuck up suits and that sometimes a show needs to be given a chance, and not tossed to the curb for the summer of doubt that us Community fans have endured.

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