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Review: Sneak Energy Drink/Supplement

Everyone who knows me personally knows I’m a caffeine addict. I drink a Lo-Carb Monster every morning and more than enough coffee/energy drinks throughout the day to make a baby calf’s heart explode. Countless acquaintances have told me how bad it is for me but the fact of the matter is if I don’t continue to consume a heart racing drug, I’m basically just a brain dead potato.

I found Sneak energy supplement through an ad on Instagram. Seeing that it was advertised to gamers left me with disbelief. I shrugged it off the first time but it continued to plague my feed. I eventually gave in and looked at the price. Roughly $48 USD to have a jar (40 servings) shipped to me. I tweeted how I’d be willing to give it a shot if it wasn’t such a commitment. Well some stranger tweeted back at me very convincingly telling me their story how they switched from a similar regimen as mine.

Well I gave in and ordered one. I’ve been kicking around the idea of switching up my caffeine consumption for something less carbonated and with lower sugar/carbs so this was a no-brainer.
Unfortunately as it seems all the stars aligned for this, my first ordering experience was not a great one. When I placed my order the Blue Raspberry flavor was out of stock with a notice that it’d be 2-3 business days before it shipped. It also came with a promotion of a free shaker. I thought that I’ve waited this long what’s a couple more days.

I went with Blue Raspberry since it’s the most popular flavor. Given that Cherry and a mystery flavor called Stealth were the only other options; I was set on the Blue. I went ahead and ordered anyway.
I waited. It was 4-5 business days later when I saw Sneak (@wearesneak) posted on Instagram that the product was back in stock. I comically commented “Good, get my order out”. They thanked me for my patience. It wasn’t until 2-3 business days after that until I received my shipping confirmation.

I figured I was just spoiled from Amazon Prime so I continued to be patient. I then checked my tracking information and saw it would be a few more days. I then realized the package was coming from the U.K. so the $8 shipping tag and delay made a lot more sense. That was on me for not doing more research.

It was 13 business days later when my package arrived. I didn’t open it right away because I planned to start using it the next morning. I was then browsing Facebook when I saw someone comment on their post asking if the free shaker promotion was still running. They confirmed it was not. Out of curiosity I opened my box to find no shaker as advertised when I placed the order. Honestly, missing out on a free item was not a big deal but ultimately I was not impressed with my experience overall.

Fast forward to day one. I started my morning off with one scoop (serving). I didn’t expect much since I was indeed overly caffeinated over the last decade of my life. However, I was shocked to find my heart racing and being awake enough that I actually didn’t need my usual follow up 10am coffee.

While it was stronger than I anticipated, I never once felt jittery or out of control. I was focused. I was awake. I was ready to conquer that Tuesday. It lasted long enough that I didn’t need my caffeine dose at 10, or at 2pm. I was impressed.

The jar states to not drink more than 2 servings and I can see why. On day two I switched to half a scoop in the morning and half a scoop in the afternoon. For a week now this has been enough to get me through the day with no other supplements or caffeine needed.

As for the focus factor, I don’t think I can speak much on it. I’m generally a focused person and I just need to be awake to concentrate. I haven’t felt any rise in this aspect of my life as they advertise but no product has raised my level of concentration so it shouldn’t be any points taken off.

The taste isn’t fantastic but it’s still good. It’s no Dairymen’s Blue Raspberry Drink but it’s subtle taste conquers the taste of the amount of supplements in it. Switching to half a scoop nulls the flavor even more but it’s a good way to get me to drink more water in the morning so I’m not complaining.

Has it improved my gaming? I don’t know. I’ve been casually playing Fortnite: Save The World and haven’t had much time to really prove it one way or the other but I do not believe so.

While it hasn’t changed my life in the way that I still don’t want to clean my house or go for a run it has changed my life in the sense that it’s cheaper than my previous regiment. Healthier in the sense that it has less that 1% DV of carbs and 0 sugar. It’s also a foreign supplement so it’s not regulated by the FDA so who knows just how healthy it is but if their nutritional values are as honest as they claim to be then this is definitely a solid replacement for anyone hooked on energy drinks. Given the taste of it, I doubt there’s much more in it than advertised on the packaging.

Given that I went a full week without a Monster Energy Drink, Kickstart, or black iced coffee, I know this is something I can hang on to. I’ve already placed a second order (with a shaker this time) to avoid any future aggravation with the shipping process. Then again, if you’re not as impatient as I am, all in all, this went smooth.
If you’re anything like me, I highly recommend considering the switch. They even have a nice rewards program for discounts on your next purchase. Speaking of which, if you’re ready to buy you should use my referral link.

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