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Review: Frank Miller’s Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For

Sin-City-A-Dame-to-Kill-For-teaser-poster[1]I’ll admit that I tried to read all of the graphic novels before seeing the sequel to one of my favorite movies, but that plan didn’t fit well in my vacation schedule. I barely had enough time to tweet, and if you know me, you know that’s unheard of! Vacation or not, I managed to go see this film during opening weekend and I just had to share my opinion on the matter.
Much like the first movie, the plot highlights 4 stories from Frank Miller’s graphic novel that all pivot around the center of Sin City. It features all of the major characters including Marv (Mickey Rourke), Nancy (Jessica Alba), and even John Hartigan (Bruce Willis) weaseled his way in after his death from the first movie. Even some new actors got to dip their feet in the black and white water like Joseph Gordon-Levvitt who takes the cake as the longest role of the film portraying Johnny; a man who’s luck never runs out (or does it?).
Even though 3 out of 4 stories feel like side stories from Frank Miller’s universe, that doesn’t stop the movie from trying to top every other aspect of it’s successor. There’s more color, more nudity, more violence, more flat white on black scenes, more badassery, and more in depth tie-ins for each character/story. Marv finds himself as a very important character in almost every story but still doesn’t manage to gather anywhere near as much on screen time as Johnny or Dwight McCarthy (played by Josh Brolin).
Side note: I personally don’t care for Joseph Gordon-Levitt and was worried about him taking the spotlight in the film because it seems he can only play one role of a cocky underdog, but if that one role fits anywhere it’s in this movie. Then again I think it’d be hard for any actor not to shine under Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez’s direction. Even Lady Gaga managed to slip in the film as if it was no big deal.
Fans of the first film will find themselves delighted for another theatrical walk into such an amazing story line but I could see the movie coming off as a dry action for people who didn’t enjoy the original. The villains in this film aren’t as creative and most of stories just re-use Senator Roark almost like Marvel’s Kingpin which was a bit of a turn off; but revolving the whole idea around how corrupt Roark is, and showing how he’s effected everyone in the city was a nice touch for a sequel.
Side note #2: I’m not a fan of RealD (modern 3D) movies. I’m not sure if it’s because I should wear glasses or I’m just too far sighted, but it always looks blurry to me. We accidentally went to a theater with only a RealD showing and didn’t notice until we got our tickets. Honestly though, I’m glad we did. This is the first RealD movie I’ve seen that I actually enjoyed and it made a lot of Sin City’s weird camera angles make more sense, giving the whole movie the depth it needed.
All in all, I would recommend this movie to anyone but of course if you’re too stubborn to ignore the comic book lighting (as amazing as it is), or don’t enjoy theatrical badassery than this movie may not be for you. Either way, you could go see it.

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