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Noob Guide: “Hacking” An Amazon Fire Stick (or FireTV)

Honestly, there’s a hundred guides explaining how to do this on the internet but I’m going to attempt to make my own. The bottom line is, doing this is legal, but what you’re going to do with it (let’s face it) is illegal. I won’t get into the details of the piracy aspect, I’m just going to show you what you need to do. Basically, the only reason I felt this guide is necessary is because I still have friends paying an extra $50-$100 (insane, right?) to buy pre-“hacked” devices.
I say “hacked” because all you’re doing is installing apps on your FireStick.
Somehow this trend of piracy has taken the world by storm. Even on official movie Facebook pages you can see people admitting they watched it on their FireStick before it was released. The reason being is that it’s the easiest way to pirate anything and somehow people think it’s legal (again, it’s not). In my personal opinion, the real crime here is that people are buying these FireSticks, spending 20 minutes to hack them, and then charging twice the price for their work. It’s so popular that Amazon lets people sell “guides” on how to do this for $6. It blows my mind.

Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire Stick?

The first, unspoken question, is which do you want? The $40 Amazon Fire Stick will suffice for the average user but it should be noted “you get what you pay for”. If you want a faster device, that’s less prone to overheating or “stalling”; the $90 FireTV is the way to go. The question is; Is $40 of extra power is worth it to you? That’s pretty much all your paying for. If you’re using it exclusively for Netflix and what I’m about to explain to below; a Fire Stick will work for you. Everyone I know that has one of these babies only has the FireStick, and none of them have any complaints that I’ve heard.
All right. Let’s get into the nitty gritty.

1) Set up your Fire Device

You need to allow your Fire Device to allow 3rd party apps to be installed. Follow the below path;

  • Settings
  • Device (or System on older devices)
  • Developer Options
  • Allow 3rd Party Software (toggle to on)

2) Install “Downloader”

This is available in the Amazon app store and looks as shady as it sounds. Nobody said this wouldn’t be shady! Simply search from anywhere on your Fire Device and it will be the first listed program on the app store.

3) Install “Kodi”

Kodi is how most people refer to their hacked FireSticks but in reality it’s just a gateway app. It looks like it was created in 2002 because, well, it was. Simply launch the Downloader app you just installed, and manually type in this url: http://bit.ly/kodi171
You don’t need a keyboard hooked up to your stick but it does make the process easier.
Once the apk (app) is downloaded it will ask you to install. Here your Fire Device may try to yell at you and tell you it’s unsecure, but security is a thing of the past! (half joking) – You can chose to delete the apk once the app is installed.

4) Install “Exodus”

Kodi should now be in your recent apps ready to go. This is where it gets a little complicated but don’t be overwhelmed – You’re almost done! Simply follow the directions and try to get a feel for this app from the past. This is your new home if you’ve come this far.
Exodus is an app within an app. It’s the most popular Kodi software because it’s the simplest and does exactly what you’re looking for.

  1. Open Kodi (if it’s not already)
  2. Go to System
  3. Then File Manager
  4. Select Add Source
  5. If a pop-up appears just select “none” or “no”
  6. In the field type: http://fusion.tvaddons.ag
  7. Select “Done”

You’ve just told Kodi where it can find apps. Now you have to install it.

  1. Go back to the Kodi homescreen.
  2. Go to System
  3. Select Add-Ons
  4. Select Install From .zip File
  5. Select Fusion
  6. Select xbmc-repos
  7. Select English
  8. Select repository.exodus-x.x.x.zip (the x’s represent the current version of the app and would be random numbers to you)
  9. Wait for the “Exodus repository enabled” pop-up to come up
  10. Select Install From Repository
  11. Select Exodus Repository
  12. Go to Video Add-Ons
  13. Select Exodus
  14. Select Install
  15. Now wait! Another pop-up should appear confirming it’s ready to go.

5) Enjoy!

That wasn’t too hard was it? Just go back to the Kodi home screen and you kind of Exodus under Video Add-Ons. You’re daily log in will consist of starting your Fire Device, loading Kodi, going to Exodus under Video Add-Ons and digging for something decent to watch for 8 hours before you give up and go to bed.
The Kodi/Exodus has a little bit of a learning curve but like I said before, it’s the easiest and most user friend app available for this. It’s pretty self explanatory in the sense that you can browse by new, categories, or search for something more interesting.
I personally am not a huge fan of using Kodi or Exodus but like I said, all the cool kids are doing it. I won’t get into my process for many reasons, but I hope you enjoy breaking the law! You dirty dirty pirate you.

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