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Light Software That You Should Use Right Away

I find myself constantly on the look out for new programs to make my life easier. The great thing about computers is there really is no limitations to what you can do, but unless you know how to program yourself; you’re stuck with what has been created by others. Luckily there’s idealists out there that share the dream of faster, more convenient world. Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite software that will have little to no impact on your PC’s performance but I promise they will make your computer life more enjoyable.

ImpressionEyes 1.0

The image viewer to end all image viewers. I guess the development for the software has ended due to the death of the developer which is an absolute shame. This is the lightest, fastest, most useful image viewer I’ve ever seen run on a windows platform. Without the need for a menu bar, there’s a whole slue of options when right-clicked. But for the average user, all you’ll need to do is set it as your default image viewer and double click to open it. ESC to close, if you needed to know. Here you can see it running (supporting gifs; which is something the default Windows Viewer doesn’t do). Since the program is no longer supported and the official site has been taken down there is no way to officially buy this app. Until it is recreated or for sale, I can offer the pro version of the program for free. Simply download, extract, and follow the directions.

GifCam 2.0

If you follow me at all you know that this is my new favorite program. It’s how I made the above gif, and it’s so easy a 4Chan user can do it. Pretty much all you do is size the window, and press record. The hardest part is making the gif a small enough size where you can upload it to Imgur (5MB), Tumblr (1MB), ect. I planned on making a gif showing how it’s done but apparently you can’t GifCam the GifCam program. You learn something new every day! Get it here.


HyperDesktop is the lightest, and easiest to use screen capture software I’ve ever seen. It does have some competition, and may have ended it’s development cycle forever but I dare you to show me something as simple as fast as this beautiful program. It’s as easy as setting a hotkey, and using it. For me, I set it so CTRL+ALT+C instantly brings up a cursor to crop what I want and that’s it. It magically uploads the capture to Imgur and puts the link in my clipboard so I can just hit paste (CTRL+V) and everyone can see anything I want them too. Get it here.

Everything Search

This will replace your default Windows search feature in no time. After a quick index of your drives, you can search in an instant. The gif explains how fast it is better than I ever could. Get it here.


For PC pro-users, there is a command script to do this but for noobs like myself; I need something with an UI (user interface) to help me set it up. This allows you to change any key on your keyboard to act like a completely different key. If you’re subject to accidentally hitting caps lock often, than this is for you. I turned my caps lock into a tab key, and no longer have any issues. I’ve also mapped F5 to be CTRL+F5 for better web refreshing. These are just some ideas, but there’s a ton of possibilities. You can get it here.

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