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How to promote your content on Reddit.

Reddit is a great tool to help promote your content. Whether it’s your art, something you’ve created, or maybe you want to get your Onlyfans content out there to more potential prospects. While I’m writing this guide with the intention of helping Sex Workers, I’m going to try to keep it sort of vague so anyone can use it.

There are two major things you need to know about Reddit. The first is their karma system. Basically anyone can upvote/downvote posts and comments on Reddit. This is it’s self sufficient way to take care of jerks, inaccurate information, and to reward quality content. This does come with it’s own challenges as some users take this power very seriously. Your account only has one karma score so it’s important to not piss off groups of people unless you’re looking to make a new account.

A screenshot of my profile widget with 9,803 karma.

The next major thing to know is that Reddit is made up of millions communities referred to as “subreddits” that can be subscribed to. Each subreddit has it’s own set of rules and moderators/subscribers who keep it inline with the rules. These subreddits are usually referred to as r/something because their url would be reddit.com/r/something. Some of my favorite subreddits are r/BeansInThings, r/StartledCats, r/imsorryjon.

So to sum up the idea of this guide, the key is to getting views on Reddit is to post your content to a subreddit where it will be appreciated. For example, if you’re an artist and draw something related to The Simpsons, you would post it on any subreddits dedicated to The Simpsons you can (but be sure to read their rules first though!). This works especially well for Sex Workers dabbling in fetishes.

On Reddit’s webpage, there is an option to search for communities with any phrase you can think of. A screenshot of my The Simpsons example.

Reddit itself can be a little overwhelming to navigate at first but once you play around you will see it’s the same basic format of social media you’re used to. Users can make a post, users can comment, users can upvote/downvote. That’s basically it. Reddit was designed for desktop users, but they’ve since released mobile apps which makes it a lot easier to navigate on your phone. I personally prefer BaconReader on Android, but I haven’t used the Apple apps enough to leave a recommendation.

For Sex Workers, there is no shortage of “NSFW” (Not Safe For Work) subreddits nor is there a shortage of ranking the NSFW subreddit communities by users, amount of content, etc. For example, PornDude.com has a ranking of the top 515 subreddits. This is the part where I don’t leave recommendations to avoid publicly displaying my kinks. However, I recommending searching any keywords your content may fall under. If you’re “chubby”, there’s an endless amount of subreddits for you. If you’re an amateur, there’s an endless amount of subreddits for you. Just keep reading rules and you’ll start to see more keywords you can relate to and look for subreddits for.

An example of rules from r/GoneWild, Reddit’s largest community of amateur NSFW content.

Now some subreddits have prerequisites before they will allow you to post. These subreddits will definitely be more rewarding when you get there, but it will require you to make comments on other posts to help build up your karma. Getting a new account started is probably the hardest part of Reddit. But once your start to receive some traction, you’ll keep gaining it.

Once you’re active in communities you’ll also see that you can look at people’s profiles for more inspiration and more examples to follow. If you can read and be nice to people, you can use Reddit, and gain your own followers on there. Hell, if you make enough fans, they may ask you to make your own subreddit. Hell, they may even make it for you.

By default, every post goes to “r/All“, While each user has their own front page based on what subreddits they are subscribed to, r/All hosts the entire website and is a fun way to find new subreddits some times. Based on how fast your post gains karma within the first day it’s posted, it will grow up r/All. You’ll see posts on the front page of r/All have over 40,000 upvotes, which is ultimately where you want to be. But the good news is once you gain traction, it’s easier and easier to get traction. All it takes is a few small communities who love your content to get you started. This means to take care of the community the way they take care of you. Upvote comments on your post, even if you don’t like them. Respond any way you can.

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