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How I Made My Own Cards Against Humanity Expansion

As I slowly crawl back from my post-drought I thought I’d share with you how I expanded my new found love for Cards Against Humanity for only $15. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, than this is no place for you. If you are familiar and you’re looking to either expand your game or create it from scratch with a more custom twist; then you’re in the right place.


I will preface this post by warning you that this will take a little of your time and is beyond “add to cart” so you can pick your wallet back up from throwing it at the screen and be prepared to get your hands virtually dirty. All in all I believe the process took me about 20 minutes but I wish I slowed down because my deck did come with some typos and I have no one but myself to blame.

Card ideas.

If you’re looking for card ideas; I made my deck based on my favorite cards from rarer decks that easily go for $30-$4o on Ebay. I plucked a list from a database I recently made after scouring the internet in an effort to collect them all. It’s a good way to gather official cards you don’t have without worrying about getting ripped off by bootleggers (because you know it’s bootlegged!) and paying all that money for all some cards you don’t want. Another place to pull ideas from is r/cahideas. Or maybe you’re funny enough to make a list of you own. What’s great about this is your options are endless!
Once I get my ducks in a row; I plan to host my own unofficial expansion on this site for you to consider making yourself. Expect that soon.

How will they blend with the official cards?

The answer is near-perfection. The cards themselves are a little thinner and a little lower quality than the official Cards Against Humanity game but they’re just as water/beer-proof and fit right into your official decks. Since you’re making these yourself, you can use an identical back so you’ll never know the difference while they’re face down. This was pretty important to me and slowed me down from buying 3rd party expansions such as Crabs Adjust Humidity. I’ll include photos of the cards I made VS cards I bought from the official webstore and you can be the judge of how they look.

See the typo? Should be “Bill Cosby’s nipples”.

Ok, so how do you do it?

Slow your horses! I actually am ‘borrowing’ this idea from a great man (or woman) that doesn’t promote on the webpage. I wish they did so I can thank them in the Twitterverse. I’m going to outline the steps and them walk you through it. Is that ok with you?

  1. Generate the card images with your ideas here.
  2. Pick the amount of cards you wish to make here.
  3. Upload images from the first site to second site.
  4. Upload image for the “back” of the cards.
  5. Buy! Buy! Buy!

Now let’s get down to the technical jargon.The generator is pretty self explanatory and works great. you can only generate 30 cards at a time, and will want to make sure there’s no unnecessary space as it will generate EXACTLY how you entered it. Pay attention to detail here or you’ll give your “OCD” friend a reason to bitch.
You’re going to want to make sure you order 63 x 88mm cards, with Premium (linen) quality (that gives you the texture you want), and your box doesn’t matter. Again, this is all out-lined on the generator site. Reading is important. Patience is a virtue. I’ll let the two sites linked above walk you through the rest of the process. Good luck and happy times destroying your morals!

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