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Got $100? Get $50 by opening a 2.00% APY Checking Account with SoFi Money!

SoFi Money is the new online bank on the market and currently they’re offering a $50 join bonus if you start a checking account with them and deposit $100.00.

The good thing about SoFi Money is their checking accounts are fee free, reimburse you for using most ATMs, and earn 2.00APY as it doubles as a “hybrid” checking/savings account.

Clicking the above link uses my referral bonus which gets us both $50. You can’t get the bonus without a referral link.

There is always a handful of banks that offer joining bonuses however this is by far the easiest and cheapest to fund. If you’re looking for something a little more “intense” I recommend checking out Hustler Money Blog as they currently have the largest and most detailed list I could find.

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