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Five apps that’ll give you free stocks (worth $15 to $1,300)

There’s five apps out right now running promotions where you can earn free stocks either by joining or making a small deposit. All the stocks are given out at random but you can earn anywhere from $15 to $1,300 just by following the links below. And if you do use these links, I get free stocks too!

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with stocks they can only be traded during market hours (9a-5p M-F EST) so once you get the stocks you’ll need two business days to sell it, plus a couple business days to transfer the money back to you. But, it’s still free money so I don’t know what you’re waiting for.

Robinhood ($1-$200)

Probably the most popular app on this page for good reason. It’s the simplest to use and the most user friendly. If you’re actually looking for a good stock app, this is my recommendation. They’ll give you a free stock just for joining and another for every friend you get join up.

Webull ($5-500)

Webull’s UI is a little overwhelming for someone not familar with the stock process, but it isn’t too hard to handle for free money. They give you a free stock just for joining and an additional stock ($12-$1400) for depositing any amount of money into your account.

FirstTrade ($1-$200)

No deposit necesarry and no deposit bonus. Simply join, get approved, and a get a free stock. To get approved you will need to upload a copy of your driver’s license or some kind of documentation to support your address.

MooMoo ($4-$200)

A free stock for joining and a stock worth $10-$1000 if you can deposit $500 into your account. Don’t feel bad on missing out on the $500 deposit bonus, I couldn’t afford it either.

Dough ($1-$200)

One free stock just for joining however a $25 minimum deposit is required to withdraw your stocks after selling.

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