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Why Everyone Should Binge Watch The Simpsons

Binge watching is something that’s becoming a househ0ld hobby across the world. Between Netflix, Hulu Plus, and illegal downloading, we all love to veg out in front of digital screens and intake as much of overly-produced media as we can. Recently, I’ve been taking it upon myself to sit through every episode of the longest running animated show; The Simpsons. Although I’ve loved this show forever, my recent binge experience and general discussions with friends I’ve realized more than ever that this is a show that everyone needs to see.
Although I’ve had another motive for absorbing the series much like a potato trying to perform photosynthesis with direct sunlight, I’m here to tell you that you should definitely considering following in my foot steps (or my couch’s new ass divot). Why you ask? Well because we need to see the comedic take on our ridiculous obsessions and beliefs. That’s right. Our generation is becoming more and more closed minded everyday, and it’s something that will help our eyes to not only our faults, but society’s as well. Yes, I’m telling you to become a better person by becoming a literal zombie in front of an animated yellow family.
Everything from sarcastic family values, to racism, to cultural differences, to modern gluten-free fads, to all sorts of addictions; it’s no wonder that it’s become a modern television meme to say “The Simpsons did it”. Although not every show revolves around a political pivot point, there’s subtle sarcastic lessons hidden through all 552 episodes.
Although you may not be open minded enough to laugh at mom’s panicking over “Red #7”; The Simpsons very well may open your mind to become an elitist. The great thing about America’s favorite animated family is that hot topics such as piracy or just about any religious belief are almost never pushed to an extreme over stepping any socially acceptable boundaries like it’s successors Family Guy or South Park. This lets us open our minds without becoming apologetic.
Everyone in the world has their beliefs or something to stand by; no matter who you are. You can only become a better person by understanding how you strongly standing by your opinion looks in another light. Whether you’re socially right, or wrong; you need to stay open minded about the insanity that drives us as a society. So whether you can already laugh humanity’s downfall, or there’s constantly a stick up your ass; you can learn a lot by what Matt Groening and the gang have provided us.
If you’re interested in watching the entire series from the beginning; FXX will soon be marathoning the entire show and Fox will soon be streaming it on their website.

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