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Binge & Purge: The Office (U.S.) (9 Seasons)

How do I put this nicely? If you haven’t watched The Office (U.S.) before, than you’re an effing moron! I know, when it first came out it took me a long time to become acceptable to the awkward comedy scene. Especially since I was more familiar with the UK version which was far beyond any level of acceptable awkwardness that should be aloud anywhere on the planet. But the U.S. version is so much more than that. It’s a love story tied into a  story of an ever growing family, tied into one of the funniest comedies that ever existed.
The Office
Something about the show is magical and can not be replaced anywhere. Parks & Rec tried to do it, 30 Rock tried to do, 1600 Penn tried to do it; each abandoning the format after the first season with the ladder being cancelled all together. It starts off so raw and low budget that it actually looked like a documentary of some random paper company but once the jokes start rolling it quickly spirals into something greater than that.
The awkwardness of the dry humor does having a solid learning curve but the show gladly holds your hand through the process. While the UK series that it’s based on never really abandons the awkwardness (since this style of comedy is very popular over there) it’s the first time the Americans have pulled it off; even while pumping up the budget very abruptly.
Pam & JimGiven that humor is not as dry as it’s predecessor, it brings even some serious nonsense. Even with the final season’s “no nonsense policy”. There’s plenty to laugh at here while a very diverse group of people are put into a small area for a long period time. Many relationships flourish, but the obvious one that gets most of the spot light is Jim & Pam who make a great role model for all couples while providing some real tear-jerker moments under ‘candid’ cameras.
Anyone who’s seen The Office before; whether you like it or not, it’s highly recommended you watch it from beginning to end. Granted, you might think the show is just a silly romp of slow pace humor, but once you watch the characters develop and fall in love; it becomes something you can’t look away from (that’s what she said). Even the ending of the show is perfectly timed. 9 seasons, not one episode too long. Maybe even a season too short.

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