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Binge & Purge: Married (1 Season)

MarriedI have to admit that this show kind of came out of left field staring a few usual supporting actors. Going in, I was a bit hesitant; not being a big fan of Judy Greer (supporting actress of so many things) or Nat Faxon (the lesser respected Broken Lizard guy) I’ll be honest and tell you that I really wasn’t expecting much. The show aired on FX, which was a sign that they didn’t think it was trailblazing enough to be thrown into their new sub-channel FXX with The Simpsons marathon. And this is why we don’t assume things kids.
Married revolves around Lina & Russ Bowman (Greer & Faxon respectively). A married (surprise!) couple with 3 daughters who are generally depressed with life but somehow pull through to make it work. They’re joined on their mediocre life adventures with their two friends portrayed by the usually insane actors Jenny State & Brett Gelman. Jenny being known for her absurd work on The Kroll Show, and Gelman known for his short-lived role on Go On, I didn’t know what to expect to from them. To my surprise, State played a basically normal women, while Gelman embraced the insanity and it’s balanced paid off for some well deserved, out of the blue comedy.
While the Bowman’s open the show with their depression taking a big role in their lives, throughout the season it dwindles down to show how much they actually do care about each other and that there is enjoyment to be had in their lives. Even while visiting Russ’ old business that is now booming, and the most hilarious attempt at a vasectomy situation that I have ever seen. I’d like to point out the vasectomy episode (e06) because it was the absolute highlight of the series thus-far. It wasn’t until that episode until I realized that I was in love with this series.
The comedy is a little slower pace than what I’m used to (especially from the FX networks) but what it lacks in punchlines it makes up for in a darker humor style. Not too often do we get to see such an odd take on rehab – or even a children’s playdate. Without spoiling it, let’s just say that you will not expect what happens in any situation they find themselves in. Even I, the guy who tries to figure out every single outcome before it happens, was wrong every single time; multiple times an episode.
Of course, with such a twisted take on reality this show is not going to be for everybody. But for those who can find humor in the darkness that is our world, you’re in for a refreshing surprise, a few iconic scenes, and a decent amount of laughs.

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