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Binge & Purge: Black Mirror (2 Seasons)

Black Mirror was created in 2011 overseas in the UK by a brilliant Charlie Brooker. The series is being called a cross between The Twilight Zone and Tales Of The Unexpected on almost every article I’ve read, but I don’t see it as that. I see it more as a warning. A definite outline of our world’s future. In this day in age we’re constantly plugged-in. Always observing, recording, and sharing. Nothing is safe from the new networked world, and Black Mirror outlines it better than anyone else could.
Black Mirror
Although there are only 6 episodes (3 per series), each one is set in an entirely new universe with a new cast but every single one could be explained as “our future”. It’s amazing to see six completely different atmospheres, all of which humanity screwed up. Each episode could have easily been a movie so much that Robert Downing Jr wants to turn one of them into an actual movie. We won’t discuss how much I hate that idea.
I didn’t even know who Charlie Brooker was until I started watching this show (but I have heard of Nathan Barley which shouldn’t even be mentioned next to Black Mirror) but now I think he’s an absolute genius. Although he only wrote 5 out of 6 episodes, he still created five entire new worlds where technology has ruined us. Everything from black mailing a politician, to an obscure social network, to an unexplainable ‘witch hunt’. All of which I want to explain in great detail because it raped my mind to an extent that I can not fathom, but I refuse to spoil this show anymore than I already have. I knew nothing except the modern day Twilight Zone comparison going into this, and all you need to know is that it’s nothing like you’d expect from that.
Seriously, how am I supposed to review this show without spoiling anything? It’s impossible. The less said, the better. Each episode is designed to make you think “what the fuck is happening?” or “how is this going to turn out terrible” but I assure you that no stone is left un-thrown. Some episodes deliver multiple points without even meaning too. You’ll be thinking “Oh, I get it. People suck.” but you’ll be left flabbergasted when you realize just how much worse we can be. As dramatic as it can be, it’s all believable which is what makes the series so great.
So whatever you have qued up next, drop it. Find Black Mirror and put it at the top of the list. Whether it’s your cup-of-tea or not, it’s something we as humans need to see. It’s our future if we’re not careful, and we are being warned. It’s your job to observe it.

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