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Binge & Purge: Better Off Ted (2 Seasons)

Better Off Ted was a short lived situational comedy series from ABC that started in 2009. Even though the show only lasted two seasons, it had some serious potential that seemed to have gone unnoticed. Granted, I had heard of the show before; I simply ignored it due to it’s cliche name and I couldn’t been more wrong in doing so.
Ted, who works for a global wide technology company is an all stars salesman who’s always getting a head of his departments idiotic inventions. Although the overall plot seems a little uninvented it leaves a lot of space of open for fast pace jokes, and dry cynical humor that I can not get enough of.
Featuring a cast I’ve never seen elsewhere (or don’t recall seeing), they’re really not half bad. Even though none of the cast is something to write home about, the writing out shines any other aspect of the show. Full of dry office humor in an evil cooperation that can’t seem to create an invention that doesn’t kill people, this is a show I didn’t know I needed.
Better Off TedThe show starts Ted who narrates the show and breaks the fourth wall much like Malcolm In The Middle which I recently reviewed, my favorite part of the show is the ignorant scientist couple that just can’t seem to take a hint. The show doesn’t feature any real evolving relationships or character development but that doesn’t stop it from being down right hilarious.
Despite the fact that story doesn’t really progress, it’s definitely helpful to binge the show from beginning to end. The show is so chalk full of references that even references itself multiple times. In fact in the first episode they decide to freeze one of the scientists which is an ongoing joke for the entire first season.
Now, I’m not saying that Better Off Ted is in the ranks with my top ten favorite comedies (I plan to round these up soon) but it’s nothing something I would pass up if you’re running low on Netflix shows. If you loved Scrubs, or wanted to love The Office and couldn’t get passed it’s awkwardness than you should definitely consider purring Better Off Ted in your que.

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