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The 5 Best Modern Television Couples (2014)

This list was harder to make than it should have been. At any given time in television history there’s been a handful of beautifully amazing couples to look up too but NBC & Fox’s cancellation spree last year, hasn’t left much love to look forward to in the current list of ongoing shows. With the upcoming fall line-up right around the corner, I figured it was the perfect time to start compiling things worth checking out. Since I watched some of The Office (US) last night, it made me think of all the ongoing couples that compare to Pam Beesly & Jim Halpert.
I also realize saying “modern couple” implies homosexual couples nowadays with Modern Family on the rise, but I’ve yet to see a well portrayed same sex relationship.  So before you go bashing me for only including traditional (or now “classic”) couples, go attacking Hollywood for not giving us a proper homosexual love to envy.

5) Penny & Leonard Hofstadter (The Big Bang Theory)

I realize there’s a new trend to hate on The Big Bang Theory, and that disgusts me. “It’s black face for nerds” they say. Well let me clear that up really quick. I’m a nerd. I’m not offended by the cast collecting comics, playing D&D, or lining up to see Star Wars movies. If you’re offended by your hobbies getting attention by the mainstream, then you can tip your fedora and be on your way.
Whether you hate the show or not, you have to admit that Penny & Leonard (Kaley Cuoco & Johnny Galecki respectively) are freaking adorable together. Between Leonard having his nerdy hobbies that out-his-league Penny doesn’t understand and Penny having a normal 20-30 something year old lifestyle that Leonard will never relate to; it’s a couple to absolutely admire. Although they both have a whole world of their own, they manage to come together despite all differences and find a common enemy (Sheldon). Although I’m not a huge fan of either actor (yeah, I said it); I find these two to be the most relate-able.

4) April Ludgate & Andy Dwyer (Parks & Recreation)

Seriously, who doesn’t love April & Andy? Although their only difference is that Andy’s a happy-go-lucky simple mammal and April hates everything; they somehow sparked an unforeseeable relationship. Andy started off the show with Ann Perkins but now it’s hard to picture either him or April being with anyone else. There was no dramatic falling in love story, or anything. It just snapped together over-night and it fit more than any relationship on this list. A love so simple and unspoken could only be envied by us simple folk.

3) Beverly & Murray Goldberg (The Goldbergs)

Here’s the couple most people don’t include on their list, but should really consider. Although the show is mainly told from the child’s perspective and feels a lot like The Wonder Years, they really took some time out last season to explain Murray & Beverly’s love and it was incredible. Murray is an angry man who just wants to watch TV while Beverly is plagued with loving her children just a little too much they come together to make a balanced parenting mold for the world. This is another couple I can really relate too. I mean, I loose my pants when I walk in the door too. It’s incredible.

2) Lina & Russ Bowman (Married)

Here’s a new one for you. Staring the world’s biggest lesser known supporting actress Judy Greer (Lina) and Broken Lizard’s forgotten hero gone solo Nat Faxon (Russ) it’s no wonder how these two can carry on with such an odd chemistry. The series started as their hatred for each other grew stronger but quickly took a left turn showing just how well these two could work together. Honestly, it’s just incredible how quickly they went from the depressing life of being married for an eternity to still showing how great it can be without even trying.

1) Marge & Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

If you know me, you should have seen this one coming. I consider these yellow-faced neanderthals my second family, and I’d be lying if I say The Simpsons Movie didn’t make me tear up. They’ve been through 25 years of Marge’s disappointment and Homer’s insane antics and somehow they still pull it all together. I’m aware they’re both animated and fiction but so is every couple on this list and it doesn’t make it any harder to love any of them.

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