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10 IFTTT Recipes To Make Social Networking Easier

IFTTT is an odd site with a great idea that many don’t seem to use yet. Little does the world know that any social media buff needs it. IFTTT’s recipes helps auto-mate and streamline your social network experience, making them much easier to update. Beyond the social helping hand, it can also maintain your calendar or Dropbox. But today we’re focusing on the social side.


IFTTT Recipe: Post your Instagram pictures as native Twitter pictures connects instagram to twitterThis was the first recipe I set up and it’s no brainer. With Facebook’s Instagram buy-out (what feels like) eons ago took away embedding on the Twitter side. IFTTT provides a seamless work-around. This automatically publishes your Instagram photos to Twitter giving your follows an embedded, more enjoyable experience.


IFTTT Recipe: If your Facebook profile picture changes then update your Twitter profile picture too connects facebook to twitterIf you’re like the majority of the world; you use Facebook 80% of the time and Twitter 20% of the time. This leaves a lot of room for forgetting to change your Twitter profile picture. This recipe will let you forget without letting your Twitter profile suffer.


IFTTT Recipe: Use Instagram to update your Twitter profile picture. connects instagram to twitter
If you’re looking for an alternative for the above, this recipe will let you change your Twitter profile picture by uploading a picture to Instagram with the tag #profile. Of course your could edit the the tag to whatever you would like.


IFTTT Recipe: If you post a link on Facebook this Recipe will also tweet it automatically connects facebook to twitterPeople who automatically post Twitter to Facebook or vice-versa are the devils. We’re all thinking it. Twitter is built to be updated with nonsense more often than Facebook and that’s the whole damn point of Twitter. Why can’t people understand that? Anyways; links are a different story. You only post links you’re passionate about (and Buzzfeed surveys). Let these be the only thing that make it to Twitter. Of course this recipe can be reversed.


IFTTT Recipe: Share the same links you post on Twitter on Tumblr connects twitter to tumblrMuch like the Facebook thing, you can set-up only links to post to Tumblr. I mean, you like those links so much; you want to post them everywhere right?
More; Honestly IFTTT lets you set up anything your mind can image. Of course, it can’t abuse any Terms & Services so you won’t be automatically tweeting new followers. But that’s probably a good thing that you can’t. Have a favorite recipe that I didn’t share? Let me know below! More of these posts to come.

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