Simple way to connect your social media accounts

This set is quite simple and the main idea is that you only need to post to Instagram to update your Facebook (or Facebook Page), Twitter, Reddit; you name it.

Instagram => Facebook

Since these two are both owned by the Zuck, they are the only two social networks that allow you to fully connect them out of the box. It’s all built into Instagram’s app. When you go to post something on Instagram, it’ll ask you if you want to post to Facebook as well. You click on it, link your accounts, and you’re done.

If you’re trying to do this with your business page, all you have to do is make your Instagram a business profile as well which you can do in the settings. Once you do that, you go back to the posting screen and reconnect Facebook, selecting the page you want to use.

Instagram => Everything Else

By default; the Instagram app does let you post to Twitter & Tumblr however it leaves an ugly link and doesn’t upload the media directly.

To avoid this an to force the media to actually uploading to pretty much any social network; we’re going to use a service called Zapier.

Zapier has over 100 networks and products it can pull your Instagram post in. Everything from Twitter to Linked In.

The service itself is very easy. You just “make a zap”, connect your account, pick what app you want to post to, and you’re done. It will run automatically from here on out until you disable it our until your reach your subscription’s maximum zaps for the month.

Don’t worry, Zapier has a free tier that will handle over 300 zaps a month for you which should be more than enough to save you a tremendous amount of time while you’re out there promoting your profiles.