Playing Pokémon Go? Here’s All The Tools You Need!

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. Already topping the mobile install charts for most popular mobile game in the week it’s been released and resulting in many 3rd party projects. Hell, the game even changed by life by making me ditch my Windows Phone for an Android device and forced me to remember how to type the accented E on my desktop keyboard using ALT shortcuts. It’s crazy what this game has done to the world. In fact, we went to our local Pokéstop paradise last night for the first time and laughed as we joined the 50+ people who were all hunting the same digital monsters.

If you’re playing the game, and unaware of the available 3rd party tools; you’re already behind. I’ve shared some of these links with my local Pokégroup on Facebook and thought I’d do a quick round up for the rest of the world. You’ll see I prefer tools that are using real in-game data. While a lot of tools are using user submitted content to populate their resources, pulling the in-game data eliminates user error and trolls.

Update: I’ve combined the below tools into a webapp using a free service from GoodBarber. You can find it here: I’m working on creating a more logical app for your mobile device however I have no idea what I’m doing so it may take some time.

Server Status:

Check here to see if the server is down or if your game is just struggling. There’s many websites that are doing this but so far Jooas is my favorite. They’re pulling information from 3 sources and not taking any misreporting from users like some of the other sites. It refreshes every 60 seconds but you can force a data-pull from the little green box on the top. It allows browser notifications and it’s simple layout is great for mobile browsers.

Update: The following Pokévision tool has been terminated by Niantic until further notice.

Nearby Pokémon Radar:

This is the best radar tracking app I’ve seen. It uses the available API to pin Pokémon from any given area. You can type in your home address to see what’s around the block or put in your favorite Pokéstop to see if it’s worth the trip. It shows Pokémon near by and shows how long you have to catch them. It’s disclaimer states it doesn’t work for Pokémon that are being lured to stops but it’s the most accurate idea of where those pesky boogers could be. This is a great tool while the 3-step bug is still hanging around.


Evolution Calculator:

Wondering if you should evolve that 380 CP Pidgeotto to replace your 624 Pidgeot? Than this is the tool for you! It calculates the possible outcome based on in-game data and from what I’ve read it’s over 90% accurate. I’ve yet to test it myself as I’m only level 14 and still evolving basic Pidgeys for XP like a chump.

Pokéstats, XP Bonuses, & Level Rewards:

TheSilphRoad is currently in development to be the number 1 stop for all of these Pokétools but right now they’ve published what they could 100% confirm to be true with in-game data. Currently the only way to get the full web-app is with an invitation code but hopefully it’ll be ready to go live soon and eliminate the need for lists like this.

Max CP List, Known Bugs, 2K/5K/10K Egg Possibilities & Other Tips:

While SilphRoad beefs up the servers for a global launch, Gamepress is the leading database for Pokéinformation. They currently have a full list of each Pokémon with their max CP, possible outcomes for 2K, 5k, and 10K eggs, a list of known bugs, many useful guides to help you get started, and all sorts of rumors both debunked and still up for discussion.

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