What We Missed Last Week [08/25]

Well, my “vacation” is over. I say “vacation” because only 1/10th of it was spent relaxing. I’m making up for my lack of posts with a list of nonsense you may have missed. Of course, if people seem to like the idea of this post (let me know!) then maybe I’ll make it a weekly feature here.Enjoy!

Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Channel Won’t Need Flash Cart” (via Technabob). It’s been awhile since strives have been made to mod/emulate the 3DS. Although it’s claimed that it won’t play pirated 3DS games, it has the ability to run emulators for older systems. Not need a flash cart is a huge deal and maybe we’ll see full support for 3DS roms soon.

You can steal data from a computer by touching it” (via Engadget). You read that right. The folks over at Aviv University found a wristband / pen combo that can literally steal data from any device with a quick touch. As if you needed more reason to secure your data.

China’s government-backed operating system should hit desktops in October” (via Engadget). As much as we hate it here in the states (and surrounding countries) we take our freedom for granted. You can’t do anything in China, and soon you won’t even be able to run your Mac or Windows laptop.

Better Call Saul Teaser: What Happened to Jimmy McGill?” (via ScreenRant). We’ve got another teaser for the upcoming series Better Call Saul. This one at least features Vince Gilligan explaining one detail about the show but that’s just about it.

Soon you’ll be able to customize your favorite shows — for a fee” (via VentureBeat). The boys over at VB got hip to a new model of TV consumption. Basically, the way we know DLC for modern generation video gaming is not too far from being included with your favorite television show. Of course, what did we expect with the deep pockets of big business and the rising number of “cord cutters” who choose Netflix over a paid cable subscription.

Google’s modular phone gets cheaper thanks to a new processor” (via Engadget). I don’t always stand by Google’s policies but every once in awhile they build or support something that deserves a standing ovation. A modular smart phone is by far their greatest accomplishment since the release of their Android operating system. Imagine, not having a phone go outdated in 6 months. Being able to upgrade it yourself without spending $500 for a new phone.

Halo Mod Puts Nicolas Cage’s Face All over the Place” (via Technabob). This one is just down right creepy. Not only does it replace many character’s faces with Nicolas Cage’s, but it also but it’s face literally everywhere it can.

New STAR WARS Movies to Redefine Longform Storytelling?” (via GeekTyrant). Here’s an interesting discussion that doesn’t have much information at this time. Basically, LucasFilm & Disney are claiming to redefine multiple movie story telling but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be good, or even that unique. A claim’s a claim guys.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW – Official Teaser” (via GeekTyrant). The long awaited teaser is finally here. I feel like they’ve been talking about the plot of this season forever. We’ve also got the official premiere date. Hint: It’s October 8th.

Nokia Lumia 930 review: like the Icon, but better” (via Engadget). I know many people aren’t following the production of Windows Phones anymore, but it’s time to start watching them again. These phones have down right incredible specs, and if they could just get the app support they need, they’d be untouchable. Whenever that happens, I’ll let you know.

Here’s over an hour of The Evil Within gameplay” (via RelyOnHorror). The Evil Within is due out “mid October” but we now have an hour+ of gameplay to pick apart and talk about. Isn’t that all we need?

Nick Offerman Reads the Most Profound Shower Thoughts” (via Mashable). Here’s some comedic / relaxing relief for your Monday. What more could you want?

Supercut of Every Death in Quentin Tarantino’s Films” (via GeekTyrant). If violence is your thing, then the gusy at GeekTyrant have you covered with Quentin Tarantino goodness.

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