What Microsoft Is Doing Wrong (Opinion)

If you know me, you know I’m a Microsoft fanboy. Some people love Apple. Some love Google. I love Microsoft. Although the three big names don’t cater to specific needs, I’ve always liked the direction Microsoft attempted to go. They’ve always thrived on trying new things, making their tech offers more user friendly and customizable at every turn. Since the metro UI took off, I’ve been in awe in the simply beautiful stylization of everything (Windows, Bing, Outlook, Xbox, ect).

Image courtesy of hackingnews.com
Image courtesy of hackingnews.com

Earlier this week they announced Windows 10, and I’m not happy about it. Being a big fan of Windows 8, I wish every day that the world didn’t give up on Win8. Even Microsoft turned their back to 8 too quickly because the world believes every other operating system they release is bad, and it’s a plague that have haunted them for quite some time. Sure, I agree Vista was a flop; but I also believe it could have been fixed. Instead they went right ahead with 7; the most popular OS since XP. Instead of patching Win8, they cut their losses right away, and announced Windows 10.

Let me start by complaining about the name. I understand why they couldn’t use 9 (apparently 3rd party codes use “Windows version that start with 9” for older OS support) but that doesn’t mean they had to give up and choose “10”. With Xbox One, and One Drive / One Note, it only made sense to call it Windows One. Or just “Windows”. Or something more inviting like “Windows Elite”. I mean, they’re stepping in the direction of a stream-line operating system for all of their devices (including Xbox, Windows Phone, and their Surface). Windows 10 doesn’t seem like a forever name, and I’m already wondering when Windows One will inevitably be announced.

Besides the name, the operating system just looks bad. They took Windows 8, and allowed metro style live tiles into the desktop mode. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems more of an update worthy feature, instead of a $100+ upgrade. What else has changed? Well, they haven’t really talked about it, but there is a preview out. If I had a back-up PC, I would try it but that’s going to have to wait until I replace my laptop.

Image courtesy of pcadvisor.co.uk
Image courtesy of pcadvisor.co.uk

While announcing their .5 operating system, they also announced the step away from “Bing Apps”. Sure, I’ve never been a big fan of having “Bing Weather” installed (although it is the best weather app in the world) but the replacement they chose is more awful than anything they could have picked. “MSN X”. That means instead of “Bing Weather” it’s going to be “MSN Weather”. Which one rolls off the tongue more? Seriously, who sat in this meeting and let their boss think this was a good idea? Either the ass kissing was at an all time high, or the chilly Seattle weather is starting to get to this company.

Every time Microsoft makes a giant step in the right direction, they get a little backlash for being “too different” and then they take 10 steps back. Even top of the line tech blogs are saying “Windows 10 is closer to OSX than any other operating system”. So instead of being innovated and hoping it catches on, they’re starting to mimic their competition, which is the worse possible move they could do right now. Even though the world is blindly following Apple, the true people who appreciate Windows, appreciate the differences. Which is being taken away.

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