How to take scolling screenshots from your phone

It came to my attention recently how many people don’t realize you can take a screenshot and scroll to keep the entire webpage or conversation in one image. This makes it easier to share, store, and to read for your friends when you got a juicy conversation to show them.

Today I’ll be focusing on Android devices, but the process is very similar on iPhones. If you’re looking for a direct iPhone guide, I recommend GadgetHack’s guide here.

Honestly this may be the simplies and easy to use function on your phone. Writting a guide even seems silly but so many people have missed the obviously button to complete it.

Once you take a screenshot on your device, a bar pops up on the bottom of your phone, as you can see below.

Full screen view post-screenshot

Specifically we are looking at this bar below. To take a scrolling screenshot, you just use the icon button on the left. You can keep pressing it for a small jump down, or hold it to get the full page. It will auto-stop once you reach the button.

Features from left to right: Scroll, crop, edit, share

And that’s litterally it! Once you have a longated screenshot, it will look something like this.