Why Amazon Buying Twitch Is The Best News This Week

Twitch is a video game broadcasting website that popularized live streaming of any game under the sun and brought it into our homes as a well respected name. You might know of Twitch from “Twitch Plays Pokemon” or the more recent “Fish Plays Pokemon” but…

Review: Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful 8” Trailer

If you didn’t know, Quentin Tarantio is teasing his upcoming movie “The Hateful 8” exclusively in theaters before Sin City 2 (which I watched & reviewed separately). Although it’s known that the filming hasn’t even started for the movie, we all hoped for the best….

How Gaming Conventions Should Be (Opinion)

Gamescon took place earlier this week in Cologne, Germany and during Microsoft/Sony’s press conferences I realized that I’m sick of watching these things only to be utterly disappointed in each presentation. Don’t get me wrong, the software and the games look so beautiful but it’s…

Binge & Purge: Red VS Blue (11 Seasons)

Red VS Blue is a web-series created by Rooster Teeth Productions that ended up becoming cult followed and supported pretty much out of the blue. The show was created using Halo: Combat Evolved for all props, characters, locations ect. In fact, the entire first 5…

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