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Binge & Purge: The Office (U.S.) (9 Seasons)

How do I put this nicely? If you haven’t watched The Office (U.S.) before, than you’re an effing moron! I know, when it first came out it took me a long time to become acceptable to the awkward comedy scene. Especially since I was more familiar with the UK version which was far beyond any

Binge & Purge: Better Off Ted (2 Seasons)

Better Off Ted was a short lived situational comedy series from ABC that started in 2009. Even though the show only lasted two seasons, it had some serious potential that seemed to have gone unnoticed. Granted, I had heard of the show before; I simply ignored it due to it’s cliche name and I couldn’t

Binge & Purge: Malcolm In The Middle (7 Seasons)

I know it’s been quite awhile since I officially completed binge watching a show. That’s mostly because we started some longer ones like The Office and Malcolm In The Middle. Well, today I’m one step closer to running out of things to enjoy from Netflix. Unless you were living under a rock from 2000 to

Binge & Purge: Married (1 Season)

I have to admit that this show kind of came out of left field staring a few usual supporting actors. Going in, I was a bit hesitant; not being a big fan of Judy Greer (supporting actress of so many things) or Nat Faxon (the lesser respected Broken Lizard guy) I’ll be honest and tell

A night in Gotham (Pilot Review)

It’s so odd yet so natural that this show exists. If you don’t know the premise, it’s Batman’s (and many of his comic book characters’) origin story. So much of an origin that Batman is roughly only 10-12 years old. Basically, you didn’t know that the world needed a Batman based show without Batman, but

The 5 Best Modern Television Couples (2014)

This list was harder to make than it should have been. At any given time in television history there’s been a handful of beautifully amazing couples to look up too but NBC & Fox’s cancellation spree last year, hasn’t left much love to look forward to in the current list of ongoing shows. With the

My Month With Netflix

Well, it’s happened. My free trial finally expired, and there’s a new $8.99 charge on my bank account. I honestly thought this day would never come. All my life I’ve paid the ridiculous price for cable and been on top of all my shows. Absorbing so many television shows and movies has left Netflix a

Binge & Purge: House M.D. (8 Seasons)

Well, we’re back.I finally finished another show, in lue of my current home renovations during my so called “vacation”. I’ll admit that it was mostly my lovely girlfriend who watched the entire thing, and I did miss a couple of episodes but she filled me in when I needed. Luckily, House M.D. is hit or

What We Missed Last Week [08/25]

Well, my “vacation” is over. I say “vacation” because only 1/10th of it was spent relaxing. I’m making up for my lack of posts with a list of nonsense you may have missed. Of course, if people seem to like the idea of this post (let me know!) then maybe I’ll make it a weekly

First Teaser Of Community Season 6

Finally, an official teaser for Season 6 of Community. Now it actually feels real. If you’re not aware of how important this show coming back is; then you can read my entire blog post about it. If you’re aware of it’s greatness both in hilariousness and importantness, than I’ll shut up and let you watch