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Put your movies in a Netflix style browser on the Xbox One with Plex.

To clarify, the title was hard to dumb down. It’s technically a media server, Netflix is not involved. It’s technically on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, 3, and even on the web; not just the Xbox one. It’s also technically not just for movies as it also handles shows and music. As someone with a

How To Get Microsoft Office 2016 For $15.

I’ve been fighting the urge to post about this but I just can’t keep my greasy cholesterol trap shut. While browsing Reddit I found a comment buried in a post about a SlickDeals thread about this sweet effing deal for students; BUT WAIT! You don’t have to actually be a student to nab the deal.

Noob Guide: Free Alternative Software (Windows)

It’s no secret that Windows comes packed full of software applications that can get just about any job done but let’s face it; they kind of suck. Not all of them are resource heavy or will slow your computer down, but they’re not very customizable or even usable. There’s actually a probably good chance you

What Microsoft Is Doing Wrong (Opinion)

If you know me, you know I’m a Microsoft fanboy. Some people love Apple. Some love Google. I love Microsoft. Although the three big names don’t cater to specific needs, I’ve always liked the direction Microsoft attempted to go. They’ve always thrived on trying new things, making their tech offers more user friendly and customizable

Light Software That You Should Use Right Away

I find myself constantly on the look out for new programs to make my life easier. The great thing about computers is there really is no limitations to what you can do, but unless you know how to program yourself; you’re stuck with what has been created by others. Luckily there’s idealists out there that

Slow PC? It may be your fault!

FYI: I’m offering a TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) list at the bottom of this article. I started to carry on for each step because there’s a lot of information to be had. If you don’t care about the details go ahead and scroll down. Personal Computers (and yes, Macs too) like any good thing