Breaking The Silence

Wow guys, it’s been quite awhile since I regularly published articles to this site. I’d like to take this time to apologize, explain, and maybe even redeem my unplanned hiatus. Of course, if you follow me on Twitter you know I’ve been far from silent and even dropped some complete randomness on Facebook page to keep whoever is still following entertained. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Probably not. Whatever.

Let’s begin with the apology. I know I came in the game strong when I revamped my online persona; posting regular articles, rants, reviews and even my trademarked Noob Guides that seemed to help a good chunk of people struggle through their daily tasks. While I don’t have any reviews planned, I can honestly say I miss writing my rants and miss providing the internet with some simplified knowledge for over complicated tasks even more. I’ve done research on many topics and even typed up several drafts that never became published because in all honesty, they weren’t good enough. With that being said, I’d like to say I’m sorry. I have several reasons I haven’t been able to write the way I used to which I’ll go on to explain.

People seemed to love my Retro Reviews and for a brief moment they were a weekly staple here. While the comment section on the site have always been a tumbleweed graveyard, it spawned several conversations throughout my social networks and even offline in some cases. These were great to play, type, and even discuss. However when those games were being played, they were being emulated through my shitty Lenovo tablet and for that brief moment; mobile gaming was actually a part of my life. Since that cheap piece of crap denied beyond the point of no reboot, I was reimbursed the money and bought a less comfortable desktop. While this thing would be perfect for old school games, I’m squished in a handmedown desk and a chair that’s been 1/4 eaten by dog. It’s just not a comfortable set up to sit here and enjoy games the way I need to.

As for other game reviews, if you’ve been following me you know that Halo: Master Chief Collection has been my number one go-to game. Even more now than before because I’m trying to wrap up the achievements before Halo 5: Guardians is released. Sure, I’ve played other things but nothing to write home about. I do have a crazy busy Fall planned with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, Fallout 4, and Lego Dimensions, but they’re all coming out so fast I can’t even promise I’ll get reviews published fast enough for anyone to care. Especially since I’d rather play Halo than write about it (in most cases).

Now, Noob Guides is the one thing I told myself I would keep churning out no matter how busy I got. Then Windows 10 started getting close to it’s release and I felt anything I would write would have just been obsolete. Now that I’ve become comfortable with the OS, I do plan to whip something up for everybody. I’ve fell behind on the tech world mostly because I keep buying crap like BoomCo Halo Carbines and Funko toys (as you’ve seen on Instagram).

Besides all of these terrible reasons, it’s also been a pretty busy summer for me. My new position at work has caused so much sleep deprived rated health issues and taken up a majority of my time begging me to slave away 70 hours weeks just to keep our department’s numbers up. Side tip: Don’t be good at your job. There’s no point. They won’t promote you. Instead they’ll hire some idiot off the street and pay them four times more than you to tell you how to do your job that they have no idea how to do.

Between work and spending too much time on the internet, life has just been too frustrating to even blog about anymore. It seriously amazes me every day how so many people can be so stupid and keep their lives in order. People who don’t know how to do their job stay employed for decades. People who have never read a full paragraph still manage to get their pants on everyday and make it outside; or at least online long enough to make some ignorant comment that would have gotten them lynched in the 1940’s. It gets to the point where my posts are just a’s, r’s, g’s, and h’s (ARGH!) over and over again.

While I’m sipping my Captain & Coke, listening to Del The Funky Homosapian, I can only to calm myself down long enough to churn out another article or two. Although Google still refuses to revisit my AdSense ban and my profile picture / other promotional pictures are still half assed months later; I plan to take it slow and pace out my comeback as to not overwhelm you all.

I hope you choose to stick around.

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