Why Amazon Buying Twitch Is The Best News This Week

Image courtesy of Gamespot.

Twitch is a video game broadcasting website that popularized live streaming of any game under the sun and brought it into our homes as a well respected name. You might know of Twitch from “Twitch Plays Pokemon” or the more recent “Fish Plays Pokemon” but it’s so much more than that in the gaming community. From previewing new games, to reviewing classics, Twitch has it all with a large following to boot. So why is news of the global corporation Amazon buying Twitch such a big deal? Well, to put it short, it’s because Google didn’t.

Image courtesy of Gamespot.
Image courtesy of Gamespot.

News surfaced about 3 months ago that Twitch was being bought out by Google, and rumors were so solid that the deal was done that every news site on the planet had listed it as “confirmed”. Gamers everywhere sighed in their knowledge, expecting the worse. Google is known for purchasing a new start-up pretty much monthly and abandoning any form of support (but not before forcing Google Plus integration into the finished product). Really, what they do is utterly pointless and is completely disrespectful to the consumer. They have the money and resources to perfect anything, but decide to leave it as another plaque on the wall, only to be forgotten.

But, that’s the good news! Although the purchase was damn near official, sources are now saying that Amazon has dropped $970 Million USD to claim Twitch as their own. Why should they get it? Well, have you used an Amazon product? As huge as the site is, and how all over the place the product seems to becoming, they continue to provide top notch support for everything they own. Whether it’s Kindle Fire, or their new (already dying) Fire phones, Amazon is there to back it up.

While Amazon might not be the most innovated company, releasing tech long after the spike in sales (Fire Phone), they play it safe, and that’s exactly what the gaming community needs. It’s a world of pushed back released dates, buggy launches, and teased promises. Sometime somewhere we need a good solid backbone to fall on, and we can expect that from Amazon.

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