5 Tech Gadgets That Everyone Should Own

I’ve been looking around lately trying to find products I could review or plug on this site and I overlooked the items I use every day because they’ve become my norm and have been taken for granted. Then it hit me. Everyone needs to own these things and most likely they don’t. I’ll try to

Noob Guide: How To ‘Cut The Cord’ & Ditch Cable Forever

Cord cutting is the trendy way of saying that you ditched your monthly cable bill. In 2017 the amount of cord cutters has grown tremendously and it couldn’t be a better time to make the switch with competitive streaming servers becoming more and more aggressive to compete with the market. According to the internet the

Noob Guide: How To Stream From Xbox One to OBS Without A Capture Card

Live streaming video games has taken the world by storm. Who would have thought watching other people play video games would have become so popular? I remember visiting friends’ houses back in the Super Nintendo days where we only had one controller or no multiplayer games and we would take turns playing games. When it

Noob Guide: How To Clean Your PC Without Re-Installing Windows

Preface: This article only focuses on Windows devices, both desktops and portable (laptops/tablets). If you’re running a Mac or Linux device, you’ll have to look elsewhere for help. Is your computer slow? Considering buying a new PC because yours just doesn’t run how you remember it? Well, you may not have to! Now, before we

Noob Guide: How To Clean Your PC By Re-Installing Windows

In an attempt to update my PC spring cleaning posts I realized one of my biggest recommendations was to re-install Windows and to start your PC from scratch without providing any information on how to do it. Today’s Noob Guide focuses on how to clean your PC in the most dramatic way. If you’re too

Noob Guide: “Hacking” An Amazon Fire Stick (or FireTV)

Man, it’s been awhile since I typed up one of these – Let’s see if I’m still any good! Honestly, there’s a hundred guides explaining how to do this on the internet but I’m going to attempt to make my own. The bottom line is, doing this is legal, but what you’re going to do

Playing Pokémon Go? Here’s All The Tools You Need!

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. Already topping the mobile install charts for most popular mobile game in the week it’s been released and resulting in many 3rd party projects. Hell, the game even changed by life by making me ditch my Windows Phone for an Android device and forced me to remember

How Microsoft killed Windows Phones and How Nintendo Made Me Switch To Android

Well, it’s been a wild 18 months as a Windows Phone user but my towel has officially been thrown. Thanks to Pokemon Go I’ve finally cut my loses and switched my phone operating system to my second least favorite tech company, Google (only behind Apple). While I could go on and on on why I

NSFW: Introducing my unofficial Cards Against Humanity pack!

Well guys, I did it. I finally did something worth while with my pathetic life and I’m here to share my shame with you! Ever since we started playing this damned game my horrible friends and I have belted out terrible ideas for cards. I rounded up my ideas off our list, added a few

Put your movies in a Netflix style browser on the Xbox One with Plex.

To clarify, the title was hard to dumb down. It’s technically a media server, Netflix is not involved. It’s technically on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, 3, and even on the web; not just the Xbox one. It’s also technically not just for movies as it also handles shows and music. As someone with a